January 30th, 2013 by admin

As promised, here’s a copy of our recent appearance on Bob Smith’s ‘Diggin’ The Crates’ Show from Starpoint Radio in its entirety & with all the commercials removed.

To listen to the stream all you have to do is click on the link directly below. You can pause the playback by simply clicking it again. To resume click once more. If you wish to go to a specific part of the stream, as long as the progress bar is loaded to that point, just click on the slider where you wish to begin from. Enjoy!

%s1 / %s2


Tony Fox – Love let love and be love
Frederick Hymes 111 – Time ain’t going to do me no favour
Pat and the blenders – Just because
Moments – Key to my happiness
Frank Wilson – Till you were gone
Jimmy Ruffin – I will Never let you get away*
Alton McClain – It must be love*
Jimmy Norman – I Wanna make love to you*
Jesse James – I feel your love changing
Christine Adams – Love is always around
T.F.O – Let love come right on In*
Love committee – One day of peace*
Al Wilson – Touch and go*
Nina Simone – Ooh Child
Ray Alexandra – Let’s talk
Marion Javious – Waiting in the wings*
Eugene Gaspard – Holding on
Jimmy Jones – Ain’t nothing wrong making love the first night*
Gene Redding – This heart*
Quadrophonics – Betcha if you check it out*
Moses Smith – Keep on striving
Bottom and Co – Gotta find a true love
Valentinos – I can understand it*
Caviar – Never stop loving you
Originals – Let me live in your life*
Bobby Moore – Call me your everything man*
Goldie Alexandra – Go back
Intruders – Hang on in there*
Klas – Lets make love tonight*
Dramatics – Treat me like a man
Gene Middleton – No one to love me
Neo Experience – Human

*(in stock at Uptight records in Hove)