December 11th, 2010 by admin

The Happy Soul Club is not simply an event; its more a state of mind. A focussed appreciation if you prefer! We see its reason d’etre as a hub to harness the passion shared by many of our friends. The need to supply a demand for quality Soul music, appreciated throughout all its genres. Not limited by the usual restrictions of traditional Soul clubs but more of a welcomed melting pot for people who express themselves through eclectic, dance-driven music. Together, we’ve spent many years collating the very best examples of such gems on vinyl.

These days it’s quite obvious that most of our valued friends still have hectic lifestyles & to host events which are too regular could become more of a burden to some. With this thought in mind, we decided it best to represent our ethos with an omnipresent, virtual club. We aim in the coming months to invite a collection of like-minded, discerning DJs who also share our fundamental passion for Soul music & who celebrate this throughout all its genres. We intend to offer these friends the opportunity to showcase their Top 20 favourite tunes. Hopefully these will be replenished on a regular basis. Don’t forget to use the Guestbook feature to let us know who’s sets you’re enjoying..